We take great pride in the construction of our Park Models, Cabins and Guest Houses. Each one of our units are hand crafted using superior construction techniques and quality materials. This we feel offers you some of the best quality and value in the market today. With our wide selections of lay-outs and interior or exterior finishes, as well as offering you a long list of options and the flexibility of adding others not listed, this should enable you to match your every need and requirement. So if you can’t find a combination which works for you, please feel free to ask about what is possible.
Park Models:

All Park Models are constructed for all of the four seasons and can be constructed from your choice one of our standard lay-outs requiring minimum changes, or a custom layout requiring changes for additional rooms, bay windows, decks, a sunroom additions or possibly even a loft. They also are available in a variety of interior & exterior finishes. So please review our lay-outs and specifications to see if there is one that will work for you. If you are unable to find one, than we can design you a custom lay-out or modify a design you already have in mind which would then better suite your needs.

Park Model Cabins & Guest Houses:

Our cabins & guest houses are built much like our larger Park Models. They too can be constructed from one of our standard lay-outs or from more of a custom design. Either way, they as well are available in a variety of interior & exterior finishes with a long list of additional options. Whether it is a rustic cabin version for a campground, or a guest house required to match an existing home where additional accommodations are required, our units can be built to suite any surroundings.


Great Buys

The 'Great Buys' page is a listing for one or several of our standard designs or options which are offered at a discounted price. So it is always a good idea to review this page to see what great deals are possible