IT’S SIMPLE, have built what you want to have built.

Enjoy the customer service, smooth & timely build process and value added construction you deserve. Whether you are building a custom park model or a modular home, it is a large investment and it is not to be taken lightly.

At Riske Creek Manufacturing Ltd, we believe in taking the time, one on one, to listen to and highlight your various needs and requirements, and in turn, tailor your project to meet or exceed your expectations. By working closely with you and your budget, we feel I can offer you a new build experience and after sale support that will leave you a very pleased and satisfied customer. At Riske Creek you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interest in mind.

How is that possible you ask?

As President of the company, I have tailored our entire business focus around you the customer.

I didn’t choose to follow in the foot steps of the other larger companies. With their high production numbers, large advertising budgets and large dealer networks required to support their daily functions, it doesn’t always afford them the time to listen to and meet your every request.

I saw an opportunity to offer something quite different. So I limited my employee base, overhead expense and annual unit production to create a very sable working environment, which in turn offers me the available time required to deal directly with you on all of your requests and specific needs. This also enables me to be involved in all aspects of the build process, from the sale, to hands on construction, to the very valuable after sales support. We are committed to helping you build a high quality custom park model or modular home successfully, on time, and within your family budget.

So, whether your custom park model or modular home requiring a very tight construction budget or is one of a very custom nature, tailed around very special considerations, I will be involved all areas of your project and can ensure you that your every request and concern will be monitored all the way through to completion.

So please feel free to contact me directly to discuss the possibilities of what a true custom builder can offer you.


Andy Tower